Short Stories

HOW THE WORLD WAS SAVED — (a fragment from The Cyberiad). On the official Lem–website you’ll find more fragments from Solaris, Return from the Stars, Eden, The Star Diaries and Terminus from the Tales of Pirx the Pilot.

SIGMUND IN A CAFE — by Victor Pelevin


THE NATURE OF THE EVIDENCE – by May Sinclair (1863-1946), from Uncanny Tales (1923) – a Gaslight E-text.

Short Story Classics: The Best from the Masters of the Genre

Douglas Adams John Barth Samuel Beckett Bertold Brecht: Laotse John Bunyan William Gaddis Ivan Jefremow Wassily Kandinsky Douglas K. Lannark Stanislaw Lem David Mitchell Vladimir Nabokov Victor Pelevin Thomas Pynchon Index Charlotte Roche Salman Rushdie J.D. Salinger Neal Stephenson Laurence Sterne A. u. B. Strugatzki William Carlos Williams Ludwig Wittgenstein Frank Zappa

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