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Otto Sell, Oldenburg@OL, Ammerland, Niedersachsen, Deutschland, Europa, Nördliche Halbkugel, Erde (Terra), 3. Planet des Solarsystems, Lokale Blase, Orion-Arm, Milchstraße, Lokale Galaxiengruppe, Lokaler Superhaufen (Ursa Major–Canis Venatici–Gruppe), Meta–Superhaufen, Universum, etwa 13,7 Milliarden Jahre nach dem Urknall

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My planet is commonly characterized as mostly harmless, so feel free to visit me (address above), but be careful if you get in contact with my fellow “aborigines.” If you get bothered tell them you’re looking for a phone booth or you just had a Roadside Picnic. Thanks to the failure of a British condom (some black market story with someone from the NAAFI store I don’t know the details of) I was born in a town called Verden which means “World” in Danish. Personally I always experienced Denmark as a very nice country and the Danes as a very polite and friendly people so maybe you should land there.

This site was originally planned as an offline–html–collection of literary projects and sources, booktitles, pictures, lists and other things I always wanted to have in one source but never knew how until html offered its possibilities to me.

Feel free to scan through my digital heritage. My topics are Music, History, Astronomy and Human Sciences in general and mostly, Literature which is concerned with all of this.

Douglas Adams John Barth Samuel Beckett Bertold Brecht: Laotse John Bunyan William Gaddis Ivan Jefremow Wassily Kandinsky Douglas K. Lannark Stanislaw Lem Jonathan Littell David Mitchell Mullah Nassreddin Vladimir Nabokov Victor Pelevin Thomas Pynchon Index Charlotte Roche Salman Rushdie J.D. Salinger Neal Stephenson Laurence Sterne Arkadi und Boris Strugatzki William Carlos Williams Ludwig Wittgenstein Frank Zappa

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